(3th septembre of 1986, Aveiro-Portugal) Although she has been surrounded with photography since she was very young on the family enviroment. She started to develop her creativity with the drawing and paint on fashion topics as a mannequins, fashion magazines clippings at the same time that she admire the fashion editorials´s beauty on these magazines without knowing why was the reason for this attraction. But when she was fifteen years old, she comes face to face with something that was chasing her some years ago: the photography through the access at her first digital photo camera which allows her to explore her new creative resource with absolute freedom.


A few years later, she sign in the Beautiful Arts´s academy of Málaga university where she hopes to learn more about academic ways about how develop her technicals of drawing, paint and photography and to learn more about others more contemporary. During this years she found with more possibilities of expression than she imagined and with the conviction to not be dominated for the techniques and methodologies but be inspired for each of them. Despite of she has an academic formation, she recognize that her photography experience is autodidact.

The roads were united and the sense of all was acquired. Why she had that atraction for the fashion topics since she was young, why she topics that she drawed and painted, and why she was found with the photography. All this makes her a fashion photographer shortly after.

When she was twenty she makes her first fashion shoot. Her first works started with photography books to novice models. Little by little she started to complicate and convert her projects in a increasingly studied projects and prepared meticulously fully exploiting with the posibilities and resources available. She started to overcome each experience and climb on her photography career with the rule that she had to enjoy every work and every experience. Her team grows and her  experiences convert her in a person increasingly prepared to

face the complicated fashion world .


With twenty four, she moves to the spanish capital of Madrid where she is still and where she dives more on the fashion world. In her beginning in the city, she started to make some publications and to work with important model agencies.


“I had not thought to convert me in a fashion photographer


because i imagined that i would be another type of professional. But everyday, the photography paced out my window and i saw her but i didn´t pay attention. So, at my indifference, one day she decides to shout my name, give me good morning and declare me her intentions. Now, the photography is constantly for me something like looped where I get lost in it and then I find in it.”


Her work characterizes for a versatil personal style in continuous renewal. Her person characterizes for balance between talent and effort with a strong awareness and maturity to face fashion world that it makes her to be open and excited with each new project as if it were the first

Photo: Verónica when she was young with her little photo camera.


Fashion photographer